How to join

Hawkesbury Riding Club has a waiting list (currently 2-3 years) to join the club. Club member limits are restricted in order to maintain safety and quality of lessons on our training days.

In February of every year we are able to take a small section of names on the waiting list and invite to join, due to the natural attrition of members from the year before.

Volunteering three¬†times a year is a mandatory and important part of Hawkesbury Riding Club. You will need to be able to commit to these ‘helps’ in order to keep your club membership. Types of ‘helps’ include working bees, canteen duty, event assistance (penciling, pole pick up, running the office etc) or committee duties.

If you are interested in joining riding club, please contact Secretary Gail Benson on¬†[email protected] to put your name down on the waiting list, or to check where on the list your name is.