Peter Haynes

Peter’s experience extends from over 30 years in the professional horse world and also having ridden all his life. This experience extends to all facets of horsemanship, from breaking-in, most equestrian sports and all of the Olympic disciplines. Peter has also represented Australia in the demanding sport of eventing and was the 1998 Australian International Three Day Event Champion.

Peter really believes that confidence as well as horsemanship is paramount for successful riding.
Peter trained with the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) for over 10 years (in that time Peter also trained with the Australian Institute of Sport [AIS]). Having access to the AIS and NSWIS sports scientists gave Peter a fascinating insight into how our emotions and mind work for or against us in what we do; this fuelled the passion Peter always held for the mental side of riding and the winning mindset.

Of recent years, due to this passion for the mental side of riding and life, Peter has extensively studied confidence, human behaviour and self-esteem and the degree they impact our lives. Peter also has studied just what it takes to succeed, by researching many of the world’s leading success coaches and world leaders. This research has included the reading of over 2500 books, articles, video and audio on these subjects. Peter has found that there is a systematic and consistent approach to confidence and success and that if people apply the “formula” diligently, they will gain the important skills they require for confidence in not only their riding but also life.