Group descriptions

groupAt Hawkesbury Riding Club members are graded into groups, depending on experience of the combination and interest. On training days, you remain within your group for the first two sessions, with an option to join a different group/discipline for the third session.


Beginner children of any age who are not confident to ride out in the open.  Riders can be either led or off the lead.


Training at Preparatory Level dressage. Suitable for riders not yet confident to canter in the open.


Training at Preliminary level dressage.  Can walk, trot and canter confidently in a group environment. Competing in dressage tests at preparatory / preliminary level.


Training at Novice level dressage.  Includes lengthening of strides. Competing in dressage at preliminary / novice level.


Training Elementary level and above.  Includes lateral work and medium paces.  Lengthening of paces. Competing in dressage at novice / elementary and above.


Green horse and/or rider starting to jump.  Trot poles and jumps up to 45cm in height.


Show jumping and x-country training 45cm – 60cm in height


Show jumping and x-country training 60cm – 75cm in height.


Show jumping and x-country training 75cm – 95cm in height.


Show jumping and x-country training 95+cm in height.