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Rules & Regulations

The Hawkesbury Riding Club Inc. meets at the Hawkesbury Equestrian Centre grounds on Racecourse Road, Clarendon every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, from the 2nd Sunday in February to the 2nd Sunday in December.


For details regarding upcoming events, members should:


Committee meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the clubhouse or via zoom. All members are welcome to attend but only those over 18yrs of age are entitled to vote on motions. Any member may propose a motion to be put up at a committee meeting for discussion, but the motion must be provided in writing to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting.


Dogs are not permitted on the grounds, even if inside cars or trucks, during any Equestrian activity.  This is a requirement of our Equestrian Australia Insurance Policy.


Grounds Use


Members have free access to the HRC grounds, providing they have E.A. registration, on any day except Sundays, unless the grounds are closed due to extenuating circumstances (such as wet weather, groundworks, exclusive hire or set up for competition). Members may receive coaching provided that the coach has registration and insurance with the E.A’s . National Coach Accreditation Scheme.


Bookings by members to use the grounds must be made at least 24 hours in advance via the club’s online booking portal www.


Key collection is usually pick up and return on the same day, however, collection the night prior may also be possible. You can contact the Club Secretary, the President or either of the Vice Presidents to find out which committee member is nearest for key collection.


For safety reasons, no rider is to be on the grounds alone. Approved helmets and boots must be worn by any mounted person. Vests must be worn on the cross country.


Non-members (if EA registered) may hire the grounds at a fee of $35 per horse.   Bookings by Non-members is facilitated by contacting the Club Secretary at least 24hrs in advance. Payment is either by cash on the day of use or online (details provided on request).

All riders using the grounds are encouraged to report any damage, dangerous situations or observed irregularities to one of the executives.


Training Day Organisation:

For training days, riders MUST register via the club website and prepay online for the training day by 8pm the Friday evening prior.

If you experience difficulty with online registration, please ring the committee member responsible for online registrations prior to the Friday 8pm deadline.


Riders are graded into a groups reflecting the education and experience of their horse and the rider’s predominant interest (either dressage or jumping. See description of groups in the section “About the Club”).

Each training day coaching will be given for two sessions in the discipline applicable to the group. There will then be a short morning tea break and a third session may be offered depending on rider numbers and weather. Riders have choice of which discipline to participate in during 3rd session.


The Gates open by 8.15 am and riders must be ready for announcements at 9.20am. The grounds close promptly at 1:30pm and any members anticipating a delay in leaving should make arrangements beforehand with the Committee member designated for final lock up on that day.

Members arriving after 1st session has started will not be able to participate until 2nd session.


At training days, riders are not compelled to take part in every session. However, if a rider leaves a group, he/she should seek the permission of the instructor once the lesson has started. As a safety precaution and as a courtesy to others, riders not participating should either tie their horse up (head stalls and lead ropes must be brought to tether horses during breaks), put them in a yard or school them away from the organised activities. No horse should be tied to any fencing or other club equipment.


Cross country jumps are out of bounds to unsupervised individuals for jumping or lunging during training days to avoid interference with organised group lessons.

If a group agrees, by consensus, the scheduled activity for that group may be changed to a different activity with the allocated coach.


Wet weather arrangements. The decision to ride during inclement weather will be made by 7.30am or earlier if possible. If a day is cancelled, advice will be given via our Facebook members page, or members may ring/text a member of the committee.  If the day is cancelled due to wet weather refunds will be processed back into your account.  N.B. Queries via Facebook are not necessarily monitored on Sunday mornings.

Whilst moving around the club grounds on training days, no horse should be cantered or galloped as this may upset other horses or be dangerous to those on foot, especially children.


The coaches or committee have the right to refuse any horse to participate. The coach or the committee has the right to ask for any troublesome horse to be removed from the grounds. Stallions are not permitted at training days or closed competition days. They are allowed at Open Competitions or other days provided the handler is experienced, over 18yrs and responsible. It is not suitable to bring an unbroken horse to training days.




The uniform consisting of club t-shirt and badge (compulsory) with either blue/black or light-coloured jodhpurs are required on training days. As we are an Affiliated Equestrian Australia club, all members must wear an approved helmet whenever mounted on the club grounds. Refer to the EA website for list of currently approved helmets. standards-helmets 


Back protectors (cross country vests) are compulsory when jumping/riding on the cross-country course, both at training days and on other occasions. This is an insurance requirement.




Point scores for turn out, attendance and participation at grounds maintenance days, committee meetings and participation in club activities will be recorded by the Point Score Secretary. High scorers in each group will be awarded a trophy at the Closed Gymkhana at the end of the year.  These trophies are not dependent on performance but rather on participation. Those not qualified to ride at the Closed Gymkhana are ineligible for awards. Perpetual trophies are determined by the criteria set for each trophy and are decided by the Executive committee. They are based on nominations by members and coaches.


Non-Training Day members & Non-Riding members are not eligible for end of year group awards. Eligibility for any restricted events such as gymkhanas are determined by attendance.



Completed Application for Membership forms are due on the sign-on day or earlier to secure your membership spot.  Please contact an Executive Committee member if you have difficulty in paying the full amount by the due date as an extension may be offered.  Members will have till 1st Training Day in March to make full payment of fees.  (Note: must be fully paid to participate in club activities.)

The Committee is empowered to close membership after the initial sign on at the start of the year if deemed necessary and a waiting list will be taken. There are no half year memberships at present.


Volunteer duties:


It is a condition of HRC membership that each Training Day Riding Member must assist for a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer time throughout the year.  (4 hours for the second riding member in the family and 2 hours for the 3rd and subsequent members).  This may be undertaken as 3 x 2-hour slots or a consolidation of the hours. The time may be made up as assistance at any Open or Closed events, grounds maintenance days or canteen duties.


For Non-Training Day members, 4 hours for the first riding member and 2 hours for the 2nd and subsequent riding members.

These volunteer hours can be completed by the member or a substitute on their behalf (who can be a non-member).


For Non-Riding membership there is no volunteer requirements.

Committee members are exempt from these duties in recognition of the various roles they perform throughout the year.

It is each rider’s responsibility to ensure that they have “signed on” to the pro forma provided each and every time they complete a duty, and they correctly record the name of their horse ridden on training days.

If these requirements are not fulfilled, membership may not be granted in the following year unless there are extenuating circumstances brought to the notice of the Executive Committee.

If the committee cancels a day when a member had committed to volunteer, that member will be “credited” the hours.

Open Competition Events

From 1st January, Equestrian Australia Rules that it is a  requirement to be a member of EA or a member of the relevant club to enter all open competitions.


To be eligible to ride at the Closed Gymkhana:

The rider must have completed their required volunteer hours.

Each rider may only ride one horse at the closed gymkhana.

Due to circumstances throughout the year, entry requirements may be reduced at the discretion of the executive committee.

Committee members automatically qualify to ride at the Closed Gymkhana.

 To be eligible to apply for Membership the following year:

For each Training Day Riding Member and Non-Training Day member, the required number of volunteer hours must be completed through the year.

If these requirements are not fulfilled, membership may not be granted in the following year unless there are extenuating circumstances brought to the notice of the executive committee.

For Non-Riding membership there is no volunteer requirements.

Committee members automatically qualify to apply for membership the following year.

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