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BALLOT PAPER: Special Resolution to amend constitution

Voting is only open to financial members of Hawkesbury Riding Club who are 18 years or over. 

Each eligible member is entitled to 1 vote only. To cast a formal vote, you must complete all fields and indicate For or Against the motion.

Voting has now closed.

Please submit your vote

Complete all fields. Once submitted correctly, you will receive a 'Thank you' page.


"That the existing constitution of Hawkesbury Riding Club Inc (Model Rules with Amendments 1984) be repealed and that the document submitted to the membership (HRC Constitution 2020) be adopted in lieu thereof" and that further "that any appointment made or motion passed under the Constitution hereby repealed, if in force at the commencement of this Constitution, shall continue in force as far as practicable, as if made or passed under this Constitution".

Motion 1 - How do you vote?

PRIVACY STATEMENT:  The Personal Information you provide on this ballot paper will be used only for purposes related to this activity.  Your information will not be made available to third parties. If you would like to gain access to the information the club holds about you, then please contact us in writing to Hawkesbury Riding Club, PO Box 4245  Pitt Town  NSW  2756.

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